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Our January production carries on our traditional dinner theatre format.  Having previously transported you back to wartime France with ‘Allo ‘Allo and all the way to ancient Rome with Up Pompeii, this time the action takes place in a fictitious typical village primary school.

In our purely imaginary school Mizzis’ Horrocks' class of seven year olds is about to perform their nativity play for the proud mums and dads - and the occasional social worker.

First we see the seven and eight-year-old pupils in the evening's sole performance of the school nativity play, from the pre-performance classroom preparations to the final stage performance, which culminates in calamity.

There are inevitable mishaps, misunderstandings, young egos, fears of failure and fallings out. Squabbles arise when Gabriel wants to play Mary, the Star grumbles he's not a proper star like they have at NASA, Herod won't stop waving to his mum and dad and the subversive Innkeeper is determined to liven up the traditional script. And then the stick insect escapes…

The children are played by adults, who later play their parents. This warm, witty, funny play is an ideal alternative to the usual Christmas fare with original lyrics set to the tunes of the usual Christmas carols.

We promise that any similarity to actual persons you may think you recognise, living or dead, or to any actual schools you, or your children, may have attended is purely coincidental (Honest).

The Flint Street Nativity

A comedy by Tim Firth