October’s Production will be just the ticket!

By late October we’re all aware that winter is coming, but our October performances of “Just The Ticket” will warm you back up as we take you to off to sunnier climates!

The play follows Susan, an eccentric sixty-year-old, who decides to celebrate her birthday by repeating a journey to Australia she made with a group of friends when she was 20. This time, she’s travelling alone — carrying the same hopes and dreams, but with 40 years of extra baggage! Endlessly chatty, accident-prone and often looking like she’s been dragged through a hedge backwards, Susan is undoubtedly colourful. Her wit, charm, chaos and hint of sadness have given her a unique outlook on life — and make her an unforgettable character.

Romance slowly but awkwardly blossoms as she reunites with Bill, the bartender at the hotel, an unexpected turn of events that causes Susan to reflect on life, love, loneliness, friendship and the trials and joys of growing older. Just the Ticket is a poignant 90-minute journey through Susan’s hilarious life.

Performances are currently scheduled for October 18th, 19th, 25th and 26th.

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