Max is planning to murder his wife Janet, collect her life insurance, and enjoy life with his girlfriend when Mary and George arrive on their Greek island with news: Mary and Janet are beneficiaries of a huge fortune. Plans and plots hatch, and soon everyone is bent on murder. All that stands in their way is the presence of a neighbour who knows a thing or two about murder, crime writer Edgar Chambers.

Originally performed:
October 19th, 20th, 26th and 27th, 2018

Directors programme notes from Paula and Phil.

This was our second show for MDS as a directing partnership, having previously directed “Up Pompeii” together.

“Anybody for Murder” has been an absolute joy for us both to direct. We have challenged our cast by taking our normal rehearsal process and turning it on its head, and instead of working on scripts from day one we looked at improvisation and character work, building an understanding of the story. Our actors rose to the challenge, bringing their characters to life, making rehearsals so much fun!

We’d like to thank our cast and crew for all their hard work, commitment and open-mindedness towards this show. It takes a huge amount of people to put on a production like this. You won’t have seen most of them, so we’d like to formally thank them all, for making this production possible. We hope you enjoy the production just as much as we have enjoyed directing it!


Darren Reed

Max Harrington

Helen Sharpe

Janet Harrington

Kim Antell

Suzy Stevens

Sam Foad

Edgar Chambers

Mary Auckland

Mary Ticklewell

Tom Shorrock

George Ticklewell


Paula Stenson & Phil Collins

Directed by

Katja Hunt


Chris Chapman


John Bull

Stage Manager

John Bull
Mick Snyder
Society Members

Set Design & Construction

Amy Collins
Sarah Roper


Kerry Thomas
Karen Dignan
Cynthia Newman


Mari Fleming


Jean Chapman
Jackie Bowyer
Rosemary Wallance

Front of House