It’s crunch time for the amateur dramatic society in Little Grimley and with funds running low the group need a performance to bring in the crowds. Down to just four members they need a plan and quick.

Gordon, Margaret, Joyce and Bernard put their heads together and come up with … a pantomime! The only problem is there’s no money for costumes, the talent is questionable and the scripts been printed wrong. Can they pull this off and save the Little Grimley Society, or are they going to slip up on another of Bernards banana skins!

Directors’ programme notes from Kerry.

Welcome to you all this evening for The Last Panto in Little Grimley! What a whirlwind this production has been as we didn’t have much time! Our fabulous team have managed to put this production together in less than 6 weeks.

I chose this production because I wanted something light hearted – something that we could all relate too. I’m sure anyone involved in ‘am dram’ can appreciate this play.

It’s been a real hoot and hope you enjoy it as much as we do. Enjoy yourselves and maybe one day you might like to join us to.


Mary Auckland


Tom Shorrock


Cathy Ramsell


Michael Kimber



Kerry Thomas

Directed by

Alys Codd


Amy Collins


Katja Hunt


Chris Chapman


Dawne West


Nick Pounder

Set Painting

Kerry Thomas

Props and Set Dressing

Neil Johnson
Tom Shorrock
Society Members

Set Design and Build

Mick Snyder
Katja Hunt
George Hindmarsh

Lighting & Lighting Design

Phil Collins

Publicity, Posters &
Programme Design

Phil Collins

Box Office

Steve West
John Bale
Paul Roper
Sarah Roper
Mari Fleming


Jean Chapman
Jenny Broom
Sarah Roper
Wendy England
Dyson England
Mary Cawley

Front of House

Mick Snyder