Stiffed at the Speakeasy

Al Scapone, the Godfather of the infamous Scapone family and master criminal, lies dead gunned down in his own club! If word of this hit gets out and the whole balance of power in the city could be thrown into chaos. Al’s murder needs to be resolved – and fast – to restore the credibility of the family.

Anybody for Murder?

Max is planning to murder his wife Janet, collect her life insurance, and enjoy life with his girlfriend Suzy, when Mary and George arrive on their Greek island with news: Mary and Janet are beneficiaries of a huge fortune. Plans and plots hatch, and soon everyone is bent on murder.

Keeping Down with the Joneses

Geoffrey Jones, M.P. and sometime architect, is convinced that the Russians are about to launch a nuclear strike against England. He builds a bomb shelter equipped with everything he, his wife, and his wife’s old mother will need to last out such a strike.


This classic Victorian thriller was first produced in 1935. Jack Manningham is slowly, deliberately driving his wife, Bella, insane. He has almost succeeded when help arrives in the form of a former detective.