The Sword in the Scone

Good King Uther Pendragon has died with no heir. It’s up to Merlin, yet again, to find the next King of Camelot. With the help of some dubious knights and some really bad cooking, Merlin finds the next King, Arthur, when he pulls the sword of Avalon from an over-baked scone. With the sword in hand, Arthur reluctantly sets out to defeat the evil witch Morgana and the dragon in this riotously funny quest to become the true King of Camelot and rescue the Lady Guinevere held captive by the dragon!

Originally performed:
January 2020

Directors programme notes from Mari.

It’s a long time since we have included a fun family show in our repertoire. We’ve had a wonderful time putting it together and I welcome you all to The Sword in the Scone.


Phil Collins


Cordi Stenson


Tempe Stenson

Lady Guinevere

Paula Stenson

Phyllis Glass

Sarah Roper


Ava Hellery

Paper Girl

Jeremy Reed


Tom Shorrock

Dragon's voice

The Knights and their Steeds

Darren Reed

Sir Vive and Lazarus

Kerry Thomas

Sir Prise and Sparkle

Paul Roper

Sir Glance-a-lot and Prince

Netty O'Brien

Sir Tified and Feathers


Mari Fleming
and Iain Vernon-Wilson

Directed by

Susan Bonard

Stage Manager

Judy Winter


Amy Collins, Iain Vernon-Wilson,
Sarah Roper and cast members


Tom Shorrock


Katja Hunt


Led by Amy Collins,
with Mari Fleming, Paula Stenson,
Judy Winter, Netty O'Brien
and Cathy Ramsell


Led by Susan Bonard,
with George Hindmarsh
and Mick Snyder

Backstage Crew

Mick Snyder,
Iain Vernon-Wilson,
John Bull,
George Hindmarsh
and society members

Set Design and Construction

Nick Pounder

Set Artwork

Mari Fleming
and Iain Vernon-Wilson


Tom Shorrock

Box Office

Paula Stenson

Musical Assistance

Society Members

Front of House