In the tense and dramatic setting of May 1944, amid the turmoil of World War II, a high-stakes game of espionage and betrayal unfolds at Bletchley Park. A traitor, leaking crucial plans to the enemy, lurks dangerously close, threatening the Allied front-line in Europe. Enter “Operation Verrater” — a top-secret mission crafted with cunning and precision to unmask the traitor.

The historic Bletchley Park becomes a cauldron of suspense as the armed forces’ top brass and intelligence elite converge with a high-ranking Minister to orchestrate this covert operation. But the twist is as shocking as it is unexpected: the real traitor isn’t lurking in the shadows of the battlefield but is, in fact, hiding in plain sight, seated amongst them. As tension mounts, truths are revealed and trust crumbles, the hunt for the traitor turns into a nail-biting race against time.

You are called upon by Martha Foxton-Holmes, the world-renowned and celebrated detective, to help solve this case. Sift through the evidence provided to you, find the clues and solve the puzzles to unmask the person responsible.

Originally performed:
January 19th, 20th, 26th and 27th, 2024

Directors programme notes from Phil.

Welcome to Mortimer Dramatic Society, and our production of “The Riddle of Bletchley Park”. This is, to my knowledge, the first time the society has tried something like what you’re about to experience – a mix of escape-room style puzzles and live theatre.

My love for theatre interjects nicely with my love for puzzles, games and escape rooms; themselves a fairly new idea in which a group of friends work together in a themed room, to solve challenging puzzles where the goal is often to simply escape from the room (by solving the puzzles – bulldozers not allowed).

This is also my first play as a writer and it has been a fantastic experience to see the characters on the stage. I am so grateful to the amazing cast who have worked so hard to bring the story to life, and for the belief the committee has shown in this new type of production. The team around me have been of immense support and I thank them for all their hard work in helping stage this production.

Special thanks to my wife, Amy Kimber, who has been above-and-beyond supportive and has played a huge role in helping design and develop the puzzles put before you, and also to Paula Stenson who has been a big help in finding my feet as a playwright and to continue to learn as a director. Her guidance throughout this process has been invaluable.


Sarah Roper

Martha Foxton-Holmes

Tom Shorrock

Gerald Mannings

Michael Kimber

Nigel Gledhill

Darren Reed

Charles Blackwood

Nigel Antell

Michael Sullivan

Sam Foad

Fred Paxton

Alys Codd

Elizabeth Dellar


Phil Collins

Written and Directed by

Rob Wilderspin

Sound and Lighting

Kerry Thomas

Stage Manager

Amy Collins


Neil Johnson

Set Design

Rob Wilderspin

Lighting Design

Neil Johnson
John Bale
Mari Fleming
& Society Members

Set Build

Amy Kimber


Jenny Broom


John Bale

Rehearsal Understudy

Nick Pounder

Set Painting

Kerry Thomas

Makeup and Hair

Phil Collins

Publicity, Posters and Programme

John Bale
Neil Johnson
Paul Roper
Steve West


Jennie Piggott
Judy Winter
Mary Cawley
Wendy England
dawne West
Eva Van de Muran
Sue Henderson
Carol Lewis
Wendy England

Front of House

Katja Hunt
Mari Fleming
Paula Stenson
Dawne West
Lynn Stacey

Puzzle Aides

Paula Stenson


Amy Kimber
Phil Collins

Puzzle Design

Mick Snyder