October Production Auditions

We are excited to plan a return to the stage and to kick off our new MDS season in October, we are looking to perform ‘Waiting for God’ by Michael Aitkins.  Kerry Thomas is going to direct this for us.

The dates for this production are the 21st, 22nd, 28th and 29th October.  We would love those interested in performing to attend auditions on either Wednesday 3rd August 19.30 at St Johns Hall or Tuesday 9th August 19.30 at St Johns Hall.

Waiting for God

This is a play developed from the popular ’90’s’ sitcom that starred Stephanie Cole, Graham Crowden, Janine Duvitski and many more!

Written for the stage in 2017,  the story is set in and around ‘Bayview’ retirement home.  It contains all the favourite characters from the original series facing the challenges that come with growing old disgracefully and of course always getting one over the ‘Bayview’ manager Harvey Baines!  It’s funny and heart warming.

There are 8 acting roles required 4 ladies and 4 men.

The characters are as follows:

  • Diana Trent:  An elderly yet feisty character
  • Tom Ballard: An elderly man.  Whimsical and lovely
  • Jane Edwards: Sad, flustered, ditsy and love sick for Harvey!
  • Harvey Baines:  Vain and an incompetent shyster
  • Sarah Chase (doubles up as a doctor): Diana’s niece, successful (owns a Porsche), charming
  • Geoffrey Ballard (doubles up as Doctor Gyno): Tom’s son, a dull clod and multiple cuckold
  • Dennis Sparrow (doubles as Basil): A dithering vicar
  • Doctor Jenny Henry: (doubles as undertaker and Milly Hawkins)


Note from Kerry:  Diana and Tom are large roles.  Harvey, Jane, Geoffrey and Sarah all have speaking roles but aren’t too onerous. Dennis Sparrow has literally 2 pages that he’s in, with few lines.  Doctor Jenny Henry also has a couple of lines.  

Under the links below you will find pieces for the auditions.  Whichever role you would like to audition for, please come along.  It would be fabulous if you could let Kerry know by phone, text or email if you are able to make the auditions so she has an idea who to expect.  Also if you would like to be in the cast but are unable to make these audition times, then also please let Kerry know. Please contact Kerry directly on 07786 087783 or by email at info@madhatterfloraldesign.co.uk.

Also bear in mind – we have makeup! So if you don’t consider yourself old enough to take on a role – we can make you look older!

The production will need a backstage crew as well so if you fancy supporting us in a wide range of activities such as lighting, sound, stage management, props, costumes, set building then please contact Kerry.

Audition pieces (All PDF documents, opens in new window):

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