Sophie still lives at home with her mum in Hull. They make a living doing car boot sales at the weekend – except they don’t really make a living because her mum can’t bear to get rid of any of their junk. As their house gets more cluttered, Sophie feels more trapped, and dreams of moving to London to meet her dad and become a famous actress. But will this dream come true?

We are exceptionally thankful to the BBC who gave us kind permission to perform To Hull and Back for our audience free of charge

Originally performed:
April 2020

Directors programme notes from Paula.

MDS were busy rehearsing a play when Covid-19 became a barrier to physical interactions. After postponing all activities where members met at the hall, we were in the position of having to find other ways to interact, create and entertain.

Our Chair, Phil Collins, identified an opportunity to work on radio plays which committee agreed could be attempted using the newly adopted Zoom platform.

We found a script, a cast and a crew…and then we started learning. We have learnt that our members are incredibly dedicated, resourceful and talented. We have learnt that we can work as a team to produce performances that may have appeared to sit outside our knowledge and comfort zone. We have learnt that using multiple computer systems over the internet leads to an array of results quality-wise! Lol. I am, however, pleased to report that we have produced the first scene of To Hull and Back, with permission from the BBC.

Our actors and narrator were recorded using their home computer systems and we have worked hard to edit out inconsistencies where we can and try and bring an element of balance to the overall performance.

This was an experiment to see how we could work within the current constraints and we are keen to hear your constructive thoughts. There’s a small survey at the bottom of this page, to gather your thoughts and ideas. We’d love to hear back from you.

A huge well done and thank you to all those involved in this project. Firstly, for being up for the challenge and, secondly, for your patience, talent and good humour.

Paula Stenson


Mari Fleming


Mary Cawley


Kerry Thomas


Andrea McCullen



Paula Stenson
& Katja Hunt

Directors & Producers

Paula Stenson

Technical Production

Tom Shorrock

Sound Effects